10 August 2010

Funny pic! 100% original from Malaysia

Hasil Nukilan oleh Lalinkfyza at Tuesday, August 10, 2010

See how you steal things in my bonnet

Halal or non-halal ?!?!

This dude sure is a parking king

 I Love Malaysia !!

Susu Besar ?

Bumblebee at Malaysia

Dun steal my helmet…

How can he balance the motor?

Lady killer in Malaysia

Who want to press it…

Emergency Exit

Customer: Tauke, what’s your coffee shop’s name?
Tauke: No Signboard
Customer: WTF??

Pity this baby…

hmm… Looks like I need to change to DIGI…

Quicksand ?!

My Ultimate helmet !!

Wong Fei Hong come Malaysia ?!

They thought the signboard is invisible...

Higher Education?

dude… I know you’re rich…

Whenever I go I’ll have my personal VIP parking

mahai … ?

Don’t pissed me off

Creative bicycle

Thanks god you’re a man

Lack of Parking lot

Stop Global Warming

Save cost

 Road Train

“Dude I also can balance it”

 Late back all sleep outside!!

This is why we need a SMART car

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the bert on Aug 24, 2010, 9:34:00 PM said...

maf14.. xclap azhar sulaiman punya kete..

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